Tin Coated Double Sided Spoon #2 - Asgard

SPOON002 - Tin Coated Double Sided Spoon #2

This pretty little spoon has been hand forged in iron, and then coated in tin. It is based on 6 doubled ended spoons found in the Coppergate excavations in York. We are unsure of their original use, as they are so small, though they may have been used for measuring powders or spices. This item is for display only. It is not dishwasher safe. Avoid harsh cleaners as it could affect the tin plating.

The spoon measure 11.5cm long, and is 1.6cm at the widest point.

This listing is for the item shown in the photos. We may make more at some point, but what you can see on the website represents what we currently have in stock.

Price: £85.00

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