Viking Pendants & Earrings by Asgard

EAR001S-S - Sterling Silver Viking Charm Sword Earrings( Pair)

The simple sterling silver hoop is based on a find discovered this year. It is a fantastic piece, and we just knew once we saw it that it would work perfectly with the small sword, fire striker and rod pendants that were uncovered years ago.

Will you choose the sword, the fire striker or the twisted rod? If you can't choose then you can always get a selection and change the pieces around on the earring hoop.

Want all three? Then you can always go for the matching Sterling Silver necklace that has one of each held together with a chunky wire and supplied with a length of black leather thong.

Sterling Silver Hoop Weight 0.5g
Sterling Silver Hoop Dimensions 0.8mm x 29mm x 29mm
Sword Weight 0.7g
Sword Dimensions 6mm x 26mm
Fire Striker Weight 1.1g
Fire Striker Dimensions 9mm x 25mm
Twisted Rod Weight 0.7g
Twisted Rod Dimensions 5mm x 23mm
Sword, Fire Striker & Twisted Rod Pendant Weight (Approx)  3.5g
Sword, Fire Striker & Twisted Rod Pendant Dimensions (Approx) 12mm x 45mm
Price: £37.50

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