Antler Comb and Case - Asgard

COMB003 - Antler Comb and Case

This  replica viking age comb and case is made from red deer antler from the Isle of Bute. It is based on one of the numerous comb finds from Coppergate in York. The tooth plates, side plates and case are cut from antler, which is smoothed down to remove the dark outer layer, and to achieve the correct thickness for the pieces. These are then drilled and riveted together to hold the comb plates and case pieces in place. Next the teeth are cut with a small saw and shaped by hand with a sharp knife - this process takes the longest. Finally the design is cut into the comb and case, which is inlayed with bees wax and charcoal and a retaining hole is drilled through the case and comb to help hold the comb in place.  Not all cases had this hole, and they are often found without the comb.

This comb measures 10.7cm (4 2/8") in length. The case measures 14.3cm (5 6/8")

This listing is for the exact item shown in these photos. We may make more the same, or similar combs at some point, but what you can see on the website represents what we currently have in stock. If you would like a specific comb reproducing then please get in touch.

Price: £365.00

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