Carlisle Castle Belt Set - Asgard

BELT001 - Carlisle Castle Belt Set

We have carved the masters for this belt in bone, and then pressed them into cuttle fish to create a single use mold. We then poured motlen brass into the two-part molds to create the buckle and strap end. Once these were cleaned up, we fitted them to a 3/4" wide leather belt length. The leather has been stained dark brown and punched with 5 holes 2 inches apart starting 4 inches from the strap end. The belt length measures 44" excluding fittings.

These fittings are based on a find from Carlisle Castle in England.

This listing is for the item shown in the photos. We may make more of these at some point, but what you can see on the website represents what we currently have in stock.

Price: £85.00

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