Viking Pendants & Earrings by Asgard

AV045 - Jerusalem Cross Pendant

The Jerusalem Cross first appears in the 11th Century, and takes on its name in the 13th Century. The 5 crosses are said to represent the 5 wounds of Christ - just like the ring and dot on the early equal-armed Anglo Saxon crosses. After their conversion to Christianity, the Vikings did venture to the Holy land on crusade. The Earl of Orkney organised one such expedition in 1152. This is documented in the Orkneyinga Saga, and from some of the runic inscriptions inside Maes Howe.

We've cast this pendant in lead free pewter at our workshop in Scotland. It's supplied with a length of black, waxed cord.

Weight 9.5g
Dimensions 28mm X 34mm


Price: £11.49

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