Viking Pendants & Earrings by Asgard

AV033 - Revninge Woman

This pendant is a reproduction of one found in Revninge, Denmark in April 2014.
It depicts a gold plated viking woman and has been dated to the early 9th century. The dress and decoration of this lady has caused quite a stir, as she appears to be wearing a trefoil brooch at her waist, instead of the more common placement at the throat.

Our pewter version is cast by us and hand finished in Scotland. It comes with a length of black waxed cord, and is presented on a pendant card. A short description of the piece is on the reverse of the packaging.

The gold plated pendant is 1 micron of gold plated onto one of our pewter pendants. We use a specialist in England for this process. This pendant comes with a length of black leather thong, and is gift boxed.

Pewter Weight 17g
Pewter Dimensions 22mm X 48mm
Gold Plated Weight  
Gold Plated Dimensions  
Price: £14.50

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