Asgard Viking & Pictish Chains

AV031-CK - Uppsala Hammer on Knit Chain

This pewter pendant is based on a Viking age silver hammer from Laby, Uppsala, Uppland, Sweden. It has been dated to the 10th century.

The chain is made of stainless steel using the trichinopoly method, also known as 'viking knit'. While it is not as flexible as a true chain composed of separate links, it is strong and comfortable to wear. The technique was used in the Viking age for suspension chains and necklaces. The pewter dragon heads are based on a pair found in Norway and are in the Urnes style of the 11th Century.

The total length of the chain is approx. 74cm. The whole piece weighs approx. 69g.

Pendant Dimensions: 26 mm x 42 mm

Price: £100.00

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