Viking Pendants & Earrings by Asgard

AV024 - Key

This pretty pewter pendant symbolises a Viking period Key. It would have been worn by women 1000 years ago to show that they were in charge of the household and the land. It meant that they were in control of all locked items - like the house and the chests of jewellery and money. It was the women and not their husbands who were in control of such things. 

Our pewter Viking Key is supplied on a length of black waxed cord and is cast and is cast and hand finished in Scotland. It may be worn around the neck, or you could also remove the cord and affix to a string of beads between a pair of oval brooches.

Bronze and silver is cast for us in England, and hand finished and polished by us in Scotland. Our silver is hallmarked 925 Sterling in Birmingham.

We use a specialist in England for gold plating. They plate directly onto one of our pewter pieces, and the plating is 1 micron thick.

Bronze, silver and gold plated is supplied with a length of black leather thong and packaged in a gift box.

All our jewellery comes with a short description on the reverse. 

Weight 7g
Dimensions 22mm X 46mm
Price: £14.50

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