Mjolnir - Asgard

AV004-GP - Mjolnir

This is a gold plated, pewter casting of a Mjolnir/Thor's hammer replica, of one from the Viking period that was found in Denmark. The pendant weighs approx. 18g Thor's Hammers are worn by followers of the Norse god, Thor for protection. It is hand made in Scotland from lead free pewter, then gold plated, and comes ready to wear with a length of black cord.

Gilding, or gold plating, was carried out on many jewellery items in the Viking age, using the mercury gilding process. This piece has a 1micron thick layer of gold, plated over pewter, to give an attractive representation of what some of these Viking age pieces may have looked like when they were first made.

Dimensions: 28 mm x 33 mm

Price: £33.49

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