The Galloway Viking Hoard Jewellery Collection

ABR037 - Galloway Hoard Bossed Quatrefoil Hunting Scene Brooch

This quatrefoil (four lobed) brooch from the Galloway hoard is chased and engraved with four faces arranced around the centre.Two appear to be blowing hunting horns, while the other two, with their floppy ears, could be hunting hounds.

The brooch is further decorated  with five domed bosses arranged in a cross pattern. It is very similar in design to the Galoway hoard Bossed Quatrefoil Faces Brooch, also from the hoard, and the two may have been worn as a pair. 

This brooch is available in hallmarked sterling silver, and pewter. Both have a sturdy pin suitable for heavy fabric.

The brooch is fitted with a heavy duty pin that is re-enactment friendly.

The brooch is around 64mm in diameter, and in pewter weighs approx. 31g.

Price: £34.99

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