The Galloway Viking Hoard Jewellery Collection

ABR036 - Galloway Hoard Bird Pin

This highly detailed pin is a replica of the solid gold bird pin from the Galloway hoard.

The orginal use of this pin is unclear, allthough the stepped widening of the shank towards the point suggests that it may have been used for fastening clothing. The style of the bird is reminiscant of the art from celtic manuscripts. However this pin has no parallels from Britain, so may have come from further afield.

We produce a few different version of this pin. It is available in pewter, enamelled bronze, and gold plated pewter. We can also make it in solid gold; please contact us for current prices in 9ct or 22ct.

This pin has a height of 74mm, is 52mm at its widest point, and weighs 7g. The pewter and gold plated versions are decorative, whilst the bronze version is a harder metal, and can be used to fasten clothing.


Price: £19.99

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