The Galloway Viking Hoard Jewellery Collection

ABR035 - Galloway Hoard Bossed Quatrefoil Faces Brooch

This quatrefoil (four lobed) brooch is a replica of one found in the Galloway hoard. The brooch design is chased and engraved and shows 4 faces. It is further decorated with 5 bosses. It is very similar in design to another brooch from the hoard (Galloway Hoard Bossed Quatrefoil Hunting Scene Brooch) and both can be worn as a pair. You can find the other brooch here.

The brooch is fitted with a heavy duty pin that is re-enactment friendly.

This brooch has an approximate diameter of 63mm, and weighs around 34g in pewter.

Price: £34.99

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