Viking Brooches

ABR023 - Jorvik Scroll Work Brooch

This disc brooch is a replica of one from Coppergate, York which dates from the 10th Century. The design is a fake filligree in a cross shaped arrangement with a central quatrefoil. This is similar to other disc brooches found in York and across Viking age England.

This brooch is available in Pewter, Bronze and Gold Plated

 Our pewter is cast and hand finished in Scotland. It is lead free.

We use a specialist in England for gold plating. They plate directly onto one of our pewter pieces, and the plating is 1 micron thick.

Gold plated is  packaged in a gift box.

 All our jewellery comes with a short description on the reverse.

Pewter Weight 12g
Pewter Diameter  32mm
Bronze Weight  10g
Bronze Diameter  32mm
Price: £20.99

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