Viking Brooches

ABR015 - Viking Trefoil Brooch

Introduced into Scandinavia in the 8th century, this type of brooch was used as a clothing fastener by women. It can be worn along side the oval brooches and equal armed brooch, as we see from a number of period burials. This replica is based on an original from East Anglia. 

Our pewter is cast and hand finished by us in Scotland. Finished pewter can be sent to specialists in England to be gold plated with 1 micron of gold. Our bronze and silver is cast in England, and hand finshed in Scotland. Our silver will be assayed 925 Sterling.

Pewter Weight 21g
Pewter Dimensions 50mm x 50mm
Bronze Weight 22g
Bronze Dimensions  51mm x 51mm
Silver Weight  28g
Silver Dimensions  51mm x 51mm
Gold Plated Weight  21g
Gold Plated Dimensions  50mm x 50mm
Price: £28.50

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