Pair Of Anglo Saxon Short Long Brooch - Asgard

ABR011-GP - Pair Of Anglo Saxon Short Long Brooch

These are Anglo Saxon fibula style brooches of the 5th/6th century. They are worn either singly, fastening a cloak, or in pairs to fasten a dress or peplos. These brooches, sport a pair of eagle or raven heads, which were a common motif in Anglo Saxon Art.

Gilding, or gold plating, was carried out on many jewellery items in the Viking age, using the mercury gilding process. This piece has a 1micron thick layer of gold, plated over pewter, to give an attractive representation of what some of these Viking age pieces may have looked like when they were first made.

They are cast from lead free pewter and plated with gold in Scotland, weigh ... and measure 36mm by 67mm.

Price: £69.99

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