Viking Brooches

ABR007-G - St Ninian's Hoard Pictish Penannular Green

This penannular brooch is based on one from the St. Ninians Isle hoard from Scotland that has been dated to around the 8th century. The eyes are set with green glass cabochons. The brooch is 71mm wide and the pin length is 115mm. It is suitable for holding heavy fabric.

This brooch is available in pewter or gold plate. All our pewter is cast by us at our foundry in Scotland. Our pewter is plated for us by specialists in England.

Gilding, or gold plating, was carried out on many jewellery items in the Viking age, using the mercury gilding process. This gold option has a 1micron thick layer of gold, electro-plated over pewter, to give an attractive representation of what some of these Viking age pieces may have looked like when they were first made.


Weight 77g
Diameter 71mm
Pin Length 115mm
Price: £56.50

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