925 Sterling Silver Knotted Bangle - Asgard

ABLET0024-S - 925 Sterling Silver Knotted Bangle

This skillfully crafted silver arm ring is based on an archeological find that could once be found in the National Museum of Denmark. This bracelet is akin to numerous Viking Age finds, the knotted wire being a very traditional Viking technique. The loose group of smaller rings that hang on the larger bangle could possibly have been used to barter with as it would have been easy to cut of individual rings.

This piece has been hand crafted by our head craftsman Jim and is one of our limited edition, premium products. The bracelet is also stamped with our official Asgard hallmark which is unique to our business and location


Weight 62g
Internal Circumference/Diameter 23.5cm/7.5cm
Price: £299.99

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