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Category: Competition

Foraged B&T


The artisanal Islay dry gin that is the Botanist is a must try for all you Gin lovers. Distilled by Bruichladdich distillery this complex spirit is slowly distilled with 22 hand foraged botanicals from around the Island. In keeping with the Island spirit, they recommend serving up a foraged Botanist & Tonic or B&T. 

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Bruichladdich Whisky & Gin Tasting Notes


We're giving away a bottle of The Classic Laddie Single Malt, and a bottle of Botanist Gin from Bruichladdich, and one of our Ogham pendants. You can find details on how to enter here: Asgard Facebook The closing date is 28th November 2018.

If either of these fine drinks are new to you then take a look at their tasting notes from Bruichladdich.

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Paul Hodson's Dragon Prow Shadow


 I was lucky enough to grow up with fantastic Grandparents. They’d take me and my cousins out and we’d go and explore the castles, cliffs and coasts of North Lancashire and Cumbria. Of course it was mainly ruse on my Grandad’s behalf to find a country pub he could get a decent pint in.


He had a knack of telling stories, and the knack of sitting in the front of the car ‘reminiscing’ with my Gran such that those 6-7-year olds eavesdropping from the back seat would find it all the more believable. Tales of how he stormed Lancaster Castle with Robin Hood to save Marion. Of how he hid Excalibur from Mordred in a hollowed-out oak in Silverdale, taking care of the sword for Arthur. It was he who burned the cakes, but Alfred took the blame as my Grandad was always getting in trouble for doing something wrong. This was further evidenced by my Gran’s constant berations. He’d even been at Hastings, told William to stop waving sharp sticks about as he’d have somebody's eye out. We saw a copy of the Bayeux Tapestry, and there he was, right there, the one with the big nose.

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