Foraged Islay Gin Cocktail

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« Bruichladdich Whisky & Gin Tasting Notes  

Foraged B&T


The artisanal Islay dry gin that is the Botanist is a must try for all you Gin lovers. Distilled by Bruichladdich distillery this complex spirit is slowly distilled with 22 hand foraged botanicals from around the Island. In keeping with the Island spirit, they recommend serving up a foraged Botanist & Tonic or B&T. 

One cocktail recipe they recommend is the Nettled Tom Collins. Think of it as a purpose for those pesky stinging nettles at the bottom of the garden.

(Picture: The Botanist)


  • 45ml Botanist Gin
  • 20ml Nettle Cordial
  • 15ml Lemon juice
  • Ice
  • Soda


Begin by mixing all the ingredients bar the soda in a glass. Then pour and strain the mixture into an ice filled small cocktail tumbler. Simply top with soda and garnish with mint to finish then enjoy!

Nettle Cordial Recipe

To create the Nettle Cordial required for this cocktail you will first need to collect a jar of young stinging nettle heads. Be careful to wear thick gardening gloves when doing so to avoid stings and whatever you do, DO NOT garnish your drink with the stinging nettle. Then Dissolve 200 grams of sugar in 200ml of hot water. It is helpful to first cut up the leaves with kitchen scissors to speed up the process (gloves on of course). Add the juice of a lemon, close the Jar and leave to cool either overnight or for 2-3 hours. The makers at the Botanist suggest the cordial may even change to a lovely purple colour, depending on the nettles you use. 

Happy Foraging Folks!

This recipe was created by the botanist and can be viewed here :


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