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The Reasons why we love Norsemen's Frøya!

Categories: vikings, TV, Norsemen, Listicle

For those of you who haven’t already seen it, Norsemen is a Netflix hit comedy set in the Viking age. Think Monty Python meets the Vikings. Michael Scott meets Ragnar Lothbrok. It has us laughing our assicles off.

Frøya is Norsemen’s resident shieldmaiden and we love her. While her costuming is anything but Viking, her spirit and her sass is what draws us to her.

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Did Shieldmaidens like 'Vikings' Lagertha and 'Norsemens' Frøya really exist?


There are many accounts of warrior women in the Viking sagas, however, they are only legend. There is much evidence to confirm the existence of male warriors in the Viking age through burials and grave goods, however, there has been little archaeological evidence to suggest that shieldmaidens ever existed.

A grave found in Birka in the 1880s, assumed to be the remains of a Viking male, has in fact been identified as the remains of a warrior women using genome testing.  These results have proven controversial however, as the lack of the male (y) chromosome is the only proof needed.

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Burns Day Cranachan!

Categories: Asgard, Competition

The only B we’re thinking about today is Burns!

Robert Burns, Scotland’s national bard is famed for his poetry and lyrical talents worldwide. Auld Lang syne, Ode to a Haggis, My Love is like a red, red rose, To a mouse and Tam o’ Shanter are just a few of his most notable pieces of work.

Burns hailed from Ayrshire, which is also home to the Largs Viking Centre, Vikingar. He also holds strong ties to where we are based in Dunoon. He had a lover by the name of Mary Campbell who lived in our town, and who tragically died at the age of 23. However, she lives on through Burns’ work as Highland Mary. It is said within the town that Highland Mary would stand on Castle Hill and look over the water towards Ayrshire, longing after her lover Robert. A statue was erected on the hill in 1896 of Highland Mary looking towards her love.

It wouldn’t be Burns day without some Scottish cuisine.

We’ve teamed up with Hamlyns Porridge to bring you this delicious Burns day Cranachan recipe using their Pinhead Oatmeal.

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Silver Knotted Bangle from the Viking age


This silver arm ring is based on a Viking age piece housed in the National Museum of Denmark. Similar finds have also been uncovered in Sejero Denmark and in the 10th century Norwegian Slemmedal Hoard.  The smaller rings that hang on the bracelet could have been used as currency as it would have been easy to cut off individual rings.


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Celebrate the Viking Way!


The Perfect Viking Gift

As part of this year’s Yule giveaway we have teamed up with the folk at Raven Gin and Highland Park Whisky to bring you the perfect Norse themed prize.

Up for grabs is a bottle of Thought and Memory gin from Raven gin, and a bottle of Dragon Legend from Highland park.

What has inspired these two distilleries to produce these fabulous spirits?  

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Foraged B&T


The artisanal Islay dry gin that is the Botanist is a must try for all you Gin lovers. Distilled by Bruichladdich distillery this complex spirit is slowly distilled with 22 hand foraged botanicals from around the Island. In keeping with the Island spirit, they recommend serving up a foraged Botanist & Tonic or B&T. 

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Bruichladdich Whisky & Gin Tasting Notes


We're giving away a bottle of The Classic Laddie Single Malt, and a bottle of Botanist Gin from Bruichladdich, and one of our Ogham pendants. You can find details on how to enter here: Asgard Facebook The closing date is 28th November 2018.

If either of these fine drinks are new to you then take a look at their tasting notes from Bruichladdich.

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Loki: the Icelandic God of Mischief


Loki: the Icelandic God of Mischief

By Dr. Helena Bassil-Morozow - Glasgow Caledonian University


Loki is a trickster – i.e., a figure representing chaos and regularly challenging the existing order of things. Mythological and folkloric narratives portray the trickster as a figure challenging the civilizing forces of society and attempting to destabilize or renew the system. The trickster’s task is to shake up the system, to ensure that it does not go stale or complacent. Gods of the Norse mythology pantheon are afraid that Loki will cause Ragnarok – the end of the world, ‘the twilight of the gods’.



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