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Sword Scabbard Fittings

Borre Style Sword Scabbard Chape

SWORD001 - Borre Style Sword Scabbard Chape

This pewter chape is used to cap the end on a sword scabbard, and has been decorated in the Borre style. It is based on a 10th century find from England.

The opening at the top is 43mm x 20mm.

Length: 56mm

Price: £25.00
Borre style scabbard mouth

SWORD002 - Borre style scabbard mouth

This pewter scabbard mouth has been made specifically to match the Borre scabbard chape, and as such is not based on a specific find, but is made in the same style.

Internal dimensions of 57mm x 21mm.

Depth: 20mm


Price: £25.00